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Mini BiffEvery aspect of your operation – including portable sanitation – contributes to public opinion about your company or organization. Having too few, or poorly maintained, portable restrooms, for instance, can discourage people from staying at your event or returning to your facility. The resulting loss of business and goodwill can be damaging. Your choice of portable sanitation provider, therefore, is an important decision. We ensure fast, friendly, reliable service and the cleanest portables around.

The professionals at Mini Biff, can help you plan your sanitation facilities so that your portable restrooms are a strong link in your operations. We can advise on:

  • The number of units needed – Based on several factors, including attendance expectations, food/beverage service, and hours of operation.
  • Service intervals – Influenced by traffic and aesthetic standards.
  • Placement of units – Layout of your grounds, lighting, and service access are among the factors to consider. We can assess your site and recommend a placement pattern.
  • Specialty facilities – Do you require hand sanitizers? A separate hand-washing station? Handicapped access units? Baby Changing Stations?

Click here for an event pre-planning sheet

Every site, every event is different. We can help you determine the optimal sanitation resources for your function or facility. Please call (800-243-6464) to discuss or to arrange a no-
obligation site walk to review your grounds prior to rental.


Dear Mini Biff,

I wanted to express to you my appreciation for the job your company and family did at WINSTOCK this year. I would have to say without a doubt that your services and timely response to my calls during the event were excellent and the best ever. Your employees were professional, friendly and responsive. Thank you for making WINSTOCK 2006 a success.

Tom Ollig, Member
WINSTOCK Committee

“The Seat of Approval”

Mini Biff

Mini Biff